11 February 2006

'Schiavo' Sharon Still a Vegetable

Ariel Sharon, the genocidal maniac 'personally responsible' for, among his many bestial acts, the murder of several thousand unarmed Palestinian refugees at Sabra and Shatila, continues to drool and piss on himself while the Apartheid government he formerly ruled continues to lose control of Occupied Palestine.

The latest news regarding Mr. Veggie, according to the pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post is that, "Doctors... successfully located and removed on Saturday a blood clot that was obstructing the flow of blood to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's digestive tract, as well as a section of his intestine."

While the doctors were down there exploring Sharon's innards, perhaps they should have stapled his stomach. Maybe then, when the vile bastard finally croaks, he may weigh less than 400 pounds.

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