06 February 2006

Jailbreak in Yemen; Uncle Sam's 'al-Qaeda' Getaway

The Ministry of Deception and Propaganda for Uncle Sam's undeclared war on the world - CNN, NPR, The New York Times, etc. - have predictably ignored the role, either criminally negligent or criminally responsible, of Sam's secret police in the so-called jailbreak of 23 'al-Qaeda' in Yemen whose trial, UPI reports, was scheduled to begin this week.

Ali al-Sarari of the opposition Communist Party told Reuters the inmates had help from the outside. "Nobody, not even al Qaeda, could have done this alone," he added.

So we ask the question, "who had the motive, means, and opportunity to break them out?" We draw our conclusions based primarily on what we already know.

We know that, as one of two Arab countries who voted with Uncle Sam at the IAEA against Iran, Yemen's rulers take their diplomatic orders from Sam. As with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and elsewhere, the tradeoff for diplomatic servility takes the form of weapons and training for paramilitary gangs loyal to the nation's rulers. Such is the case in Yemen.

We also know the nature of at least some of this training. On 12 December 2003, Intelligence Online published a story (which I have reprinted from a loony, Uncle Sam loving blog called Armies of Liberation) detailing high-level collaboration between Sam's secret police and the PSO.
The FBI office in Sana'a, which lies inside the U.S. embassy, has been greatly beefed up in recent months.

The FBI rubs shoulders in the premises with a sizeable team from the CIA which coordinates American operations with those of Yemen’s Political Security service....

The high profile Political Security service is headed by general Ghaleb al Qimch and boasts a rapid intervention force commanded by the president’s son and trained by American special forces instructors (notably from Delta Force). These experienced units last week (December 2003 - JB) received a first delivery of American equipment designed to bolster the fight against terrorism. It included night-vision equipment and radar systems for surveillance of Yemen’s coast and crossing points on its border with Saudi Arabia.

In addition, an American-Yemeni liaison office at the defense ministry in Sanna is linked directly to the headquarters of American forces in Djibouti where 700 Marines earmarked for operations in the Horn of Africa are stationed.
Finally, we know that before the jailbreak, the prisoners lived under intense surveillance from both Uncle Sam's secret police and Yemen's PSO, both of which were headquartered at this maximum-security facility in Sana'a.

Anonymous Security sources confirmed this, telling the German Press Agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur that "the fugitives had been jailed at the headquarters of the Political Security Organisation," a vast compound the AP calls "a high-security prison at the central headquarters of the country's military intelligence services in a building in the center of the capital."

The Ministry of Deception and Propaganda would have us believe a silly conspiracy theory that says 23 "al-Qaeda" dug an enormous trench and broke out of Yemen's Military Intelligence Headquarters in Sana'a, the base of operationsin Yemen for both the PSO and Uncle Sam's Secret Police, without getting caught.

But just like every other story spun by Sam's propagandists, the simplest questioning obliterates the veracity of this silly narrative.

They would have us believe that this 'jailbreak' occurred when it did by chance. It's luck that they broke out just before it went to trial in Yemen, which would surely stoke anti-US sentiment. It's luck that these 'terrorists' escaped amidst a propaganda offensive against Iran. And it's luck that these 'al-Qaeda' operatives escape right as Bush amplifies propaganda from fake 'al Qaeda' recordings that predict another September 11th-type attack against the United States.

Move along... nothing to see here.

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