08 February 2006

Hamas Stands Up to Terrorism from Apartheid Israel

Today's news illustrates why the Hamas victory in Occupied Palestine has changed the entire dynamic of the Zionist State's ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing and land theft.

Since Ariel Sharon is a brain-dead vegetable, acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has gone to extensive lengths to demonstrate his capacity for racism and brutality towards the Palestinian people. Under his watch, Apartheid Israel has radically accelerated its provocative policy of terrorist killings (which Kofi Annan calls 'Executions without Trial') as their own media coverage reveals. Amos Harel's piece in today's pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz begins, "Israel killed two Fatah operatives in the Gaza Strip yesterday, thereby bringing the number of wanted Palestinians killed in targeted killings in Gaza since Saturday night to nine."

In a televised interview, Olmert made clear that the Zionist settler state would "separate from the majority of the Palestinian population living in the West Bank," adding that "control over Israel's eastern border cannot be renounced... We will hold on to the major settlement blocs (in the West Bank). We will keep Jerusalem united."

In other words, Olmert demands flat-out Apartheid. Nothing less will do.

The Jerusalem Post points out that "Olmert's plan... would considerably shrink the future Palestinian state and leave the West Bank surrounded by Israel, thereby preventing Palestinians the freedom to travel to and from it without Israeli permission."

Hamas called Olmert's bluff, responding with justified derision to the purely rhetorical character of Apartheid Israel's latest psy-op. "Sheikh Yasser Mansour, No. 5 on the Hamas national list, chuckled over the phone from Nablus when he heard from The Jerusalem Post the list of Jewish settlements in Olmert's vision of Israel's final borders.

"'If he wants to find a solution [to the Israel-Palestinan conflict] he must accept less than what he wants,' said Mansour evenly."

Ismail Haniyeh, No. 1 on the Hamas list, similarly told Associated Press, "What we would like to emphasize is that the Israeli occupation has to first recognize the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people." He then added:
We now say that if Israel withdraws to the 1967 borders, there could be peace and security in the region and agreements between the sides until the international community finds a way to solve everybody's problems. Truce would be long-term but limited, because there's a Palestinian reality the international community must deal with. There are those kicked out of their land in 1948, the international community must find a solution for those people.
That seems reasonable to me. But anyone who believes that the Zionist crusaders in Israel's government act reasonably has long since departed from the real world, opting instead to live in a world of delusion and illusion.

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