03 February 2006

From Blogger Juan Cole

Juan Cole, despite his support for Uncle Sam's ungoing occupation of Iraq, has value to those opposed to the racist and genocidal policies of the West there because of his ability to translate news from Arabic. On his blog today, he notes,
A US helicopter gunship fired a rocket into Sadr City on Thursday, killing a young woman and wounding 5 others. The US military maintains that the helicopter had taken fire from the ground. Sadr City is a stronghold of Muqtada al-Sadr, who is calling for US military withdrawal from Iraq and who has a substantial bloc of delegates in the new parliament. Al-Sharq al-Awsat reports that, "Muqtada threatened the Americans with 'the most violent of responses' over the incident. The fighting lasted 2 hours. Aside from the death and injuries, several houses were damaged. The Sadr movement issued a communique condemned the 'terrorist US attacks.' It spoke of several women and children being hurt and then added, 'these operations will be met with the most violent response if they continue, from the oppressed masses . . .'"

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