11 February 2006

Democracy be Damned: Apartheid Israel Assaults Peaceful Protestors

In what has become a regular occurrence, Israeli soldiers viciously attacked peaceful protestors at their weekly non-violent demonstration against the Apartheid Wall under construction throughout occupied Palestine. The Palestine News Network Reports:
Palestinians and Israeli and international peace activists held their weekly peaceful protest against the separation wall in the village of Bilin near Ramallah and were met by Israeli troops, who fired rubber-coated metal bullets and teargas canisters in an attempt to prevent them from reaching the area under construction....

In total, six protesters were injured by rubber-coated metal bullets and dozens suffocated after inhaling teargas fired by the army.

Israeli forces also arrested eleven international peace activists, two Israelis and two Palestinians. All were held for three hours before being released except for one Israeli peace activist who was transferred to a nearby military base [was he a Secret Policeman? -JB].
Critics of Apartheid from all over the world have joined the campaign against the illegal wall. This growing momentum to cut off Apartheid Israel from the world communicty until they stop behaving like a renegade pariah explains why racist Zionists go to such great lengths to shut the protestors up.

However, outside Sam's Plantation and the Apartheid State itself, those who claim that Zionists have a God-given right to steal Palestinian land and replace it with Jewish-only roads and cities lack credibility. In his recent 2-part series in The Guardian comparing Apartheid Israel to South Africa's former Apartheid government (itself a strong ally of Israel), Chris McGreal reveals how the Apartheid system in Occupied Palestine has taken shape, strangling Palestinians whose homes the Zionist government has bulldozed and whose land they've stolen with instruments of war like the Wall.

Insofar as the peaceful protests against Israel's Apartheid Wall serve to highlight the racist government's savagery and brutality to the world, they benefit the cause of Palestinian liberation. But anyone who thinks a government as mendacious as Israel is will stop building unless they're forced to do so by other means is quite simply deluding themselves.

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