10 February 2006

Congratulations Syria! You're Apartheid Israel's #1 Enemy... for today

Citing several anonymous official sources and a study from a propaganda-spouting pro-Apartheid 'think tank, today's Jerusalem Post ran a totally fabricated account suggesting that Syria may attack Israel "if Syrian President Bashar Assad continues to feel threatened by the United States and the rest of the international community."

Of course this is pure fiction - a silly confection by the Zionist Apartheid goverment. Though Syria is justified in attacking Apartheid Israel to reclaim the Golan Heights, which the Zionist state illegally occupies, a Syrian attack on Israel would undoubtedly trigger a vicious nuclear response from worlds foremost nuclear renegade state.

Syria will smartly buy time until Apartheid Israel launches an unprovoked assault on Hamas, Hizbullah, or Iran - something we know will happen in the same way we know the sun will rise every morning.

Apartheid Israel's game here is simply to change the story - away from their inability to deal with the Hamas landslide, away from this week's 15 murdered and 78 injured Palestinians at the hands of their occupiers, away from the Zionist state's inability to control their own religious fundamentalists being forcibly evicted (Mr. Veggie, a.k.a. Ariel Sharon, gave many of these fanatics tax breaks for moving there), and away from the gathering Muslim rage against European racism.

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