10 February 2006

Comandante Hugo to Blair: "Return the Falklands"

Venezuelan President launched a scathing attack in response to racist lunatic Tony Blair's statement, “that the government of Venezuela realise that if they want to be respected members of the international community they should abide by the rules of the international community.”

Calling Blair "a pawn of imperialism" and "the main ally of Hitler," Chavez demanded that Britain return the Falkland Islands to Argentina. "We have to remember the Falklands, how they were taken away from the Argentinians," Chavez said, adding that, "those islands are Argentina's. Return them, Mr Blair. Those islands are Argentina's."

The move puts Blair, who Chavez also called “shameless and subordinate to the commands of Washington,” in the unsettling position of defending an illegal and unjust war against Argentina undertaken by another murderer, Margaret Thatcher, who captured them in the early 1980s "to restore the 'Great' in Great Britain."

In the speech, Chavez also said Blair's attack indicated “the opening of the European front,” of Washington’s effort to isolate Venezuela internationally. In light of this, Chavez warned that Blair, "should not mess with me."

"You don’t have the morality to go telling me anything, you who disrespects international law and the sovereignty of the people of Iraq.” said Chavez.

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