01 February 2006

Apartheid Israel's Secret Police Strike

Working overtime to sew division and discord between Hamas and Fatah, Apartheid Israel's terrorist gang of killers bombed the home of a Palestinian Authority security chief in the occupied Gaza Strip and murdered a leader of Hamas's military wing according to a report from Reuters on Wednesday.

While the victim of the bombing pointed the finger at Hamas, this makes no sense whatsoever when one considers who benefits from the attack. In Suleiman Abu Mutleq's job as director-general of the Preventive Security Agency in the Gaza Strip, he collaborated with Israel in the targeting militant groups like Hamas. After Hamas's electoral landslide, his usefulness to the Zionist state was gone so they tried to sacrifice him to the cause of occupation and Apartheid. Given his job and the timing of the hit, it's absurd to think that Hamas would lash out against him now in such a stupid way.

The party guilty of both attacks is transparently obvious: Apartheid Israel - specifically their secret police patrolling Occupied Palestine. They are the only party with motive, means, and opportunity.

Not coincidentally, these attacks occurred precisely when Hamas is trying to solidify control over security appartatus in Occupied Palestine from Zionist collaborator Mahmoud Abbas and his pro-Israel lackeys. Much like their hit on Rafik Hariri a year ago, Apartheid Israel has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Operating behind the scenes, these attacks enable them to shift the blame away from their own brutal military occupation by sewing dissention among Palestinians and promoting a vision of the territories frayed by internecine fighting.

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