03 February 2006

Apartheid Israel's 'Intelligence' Lies & Pro-Apartheid Media Sucks It Down

Anonymous Israeli intelligence sources (is there another kind) spewed forth another baseless accusation yesterday that Hamas fired rockets from Gaza into territory illegally occupied by racist Zionists, harming a couple of settlers.

Now Apartheid Israel has no idea of the real culprits - but that hardly matters! Just as Uncle Sam fabricated 'intelligence' to justify their desire to murder Iraqis, Apartheid Israel spins a tale here to blame Hamas. The fact that any attack by Hamas now runs entirely against their own interest is dismissed without mention.

It's customary for both governments to tell the media such overt and deliberate lies, because the media is complicit in what they do. Their real job, whether it's Judith Miller fabricating for 'Mafia' Don Rumsfeld or Amos Harel carrying water for Mofaz in Ha'aretz, is to swallow and then regurgitate any story, no matter its veracity, that serves the interests of racism and empire.

And they do it quite well.

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