04 February 2006

Apartheid Israel Vilifies Free Speech

In some quarters, the comical charade persists of calling Apartheid Israel "the only democracy in the Middle East." This phrase has no truth value whatsoever and exists soley for the personal and psychological edification of those who defend the murderous brutality of the Zionist regime.

For the speaker to mean it necessitates his or her ignorance of the secret police, the military checkpoints, and the Jewish-only neighborhoods, roads, and cities that proliferate across Occupied Palestine.

Disregarding all these things, though, Apartheid Israel's defenders point to their free press as what sets them apart from their uncivilized, savage Arab neighbors.

But that, too, is simply a chimera. Ha'aretz reports today:
Israel's ambassador to the United States, Danny Ayalon, dispatched a letter of protest to influential national daily newspapers The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times in response to their publishing of guest columns by Hamas political bureau chief Khaled Meshal and his deputy, Moussa Abu Marzouk.
In Apartheid Isreal, free speech exists only as long as you support and defend the occupation, the killings, the land theft, and the property destruction of their savage government. If one does not stipulates these things, the Zionist state will try to murder them. If that's impractical, they will work tirelessly to silence their voice... even in another country.

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