09 February 2006

Apartheid Israel Defiles Dead Palestinians in the Name of Tolerance

Few news stories I have ever read so encapsulate the current political climate than this one.

Reuters reports that a senior Muslim cleric has appealed to Apartheid Israel's Supreme Court to stop the construction of a Museum of Tolerance in Jersualem on the site of an historical Muslim burial ground. The irony of a pro-Apartheid 'human rights group', the Simon Wiesenthal Center, exposing their racism and intolerance by lionizing tolerance perfectly characterizes the liberal Zionist mindset.

No doubt this appeal will fall on deaf ears, as there is no institution more culpable for the theft of Palestinian land and the cleansing of the Palestininan people from their homeland than the court. Their job is to whitewash Palestinian history, so they will never halt the construction.


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