12 December 2005

United States Training Army Of Child Soldiers In Lithuania For Action In Next Color Revolution

The US imperial machine has now set its sights on Belarus, a former Soviet republic which shares a border with Russia, and the lap-dog nations of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. According to Russia's daily Kommersant (12 Dec. 2005), hordes of Belarussian youth have gathered at NATO bases in Lithuania. The Deputy Head of the Committe for State Security for Belarus, Viktor Vigera, has stated that these youth (many of them underage, according to the same article) have discussed plans on overthrowing the present government headed by President Lukashenko, and have been trained in the use of arms, thus suggesting a strong possibility of the use of force, the effects of which were witnessed inUzbekistan, a few months ago. In addition to the camps outside of Belarus, the so-called democratic opposition groups have attempted to set up militant Americanist training camps inside of Belarus, in the towns of Osipovichi and Lunenets, both in the Vileisky district. Those operations, however, were promptly closed by Belarussian authorities.

Spokesperson for the American led goon squad, Aleksei Shidlovskii, far from denying the allegation outright, has made only the vague and nebulous statement that, "military actions were out of the questions."

Let's get one thing straight - Lukashenko is not a nice man, and is by no means harbinger of democratic practices. However, the democratic credentials of those nations which have had governments toppled by the US in the past two years, are laughable at best.

So, let's take Lukashenko down and replace him with an American puppet. Maybe that way, Belarus can come close to emulating the legacy of Poland. Maybe they won't gas as many Jews or torture as many CIA captives as the Poles have been able to. But, I guess we all have to have a grand vision for the future.

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