14 December 2005

Do you want to get bombed?

Sometimes I sit back and wonder if Iran goes around baiting the aparthied state Israel into attacking them. Newly elected President Ahmandinejad is on record denying the Holocaust. While I agree on some level that it is Europe's fault, I think we can all agree that German's are Europeans, I don't really see the population of Israel packing it in and moving to Alaska.

So, it makes me wonder...what is this really all about? Is this Ahmadinejad's way of escalating divides already occuring in the Middle East? Is this him just being stupid? Does he really want Israel to bomb Iran? And, what effect will this have on the on-going nuclear discussions? What do the Iranian people think of this man spouting of this garbage in their name?

I was willing to give this man the benefit of the doubt when he as elected but now I have to say that I am done with you, Mr. Ahmadinejad. I hope the Iranian people are tired of you as well.

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