07 December 2005

Aunt Jemima-Rice Continues Her Minstrel Show in Ukraine

While visiting the newly lap-dogged nation of Ukraine today, Aunt Jemima-Rice criticized a new Russian law, which would place greater restrictions on foreign NGOs working in Russian territory. A peliminary draft of the bill has already been approved by the lower house of the Russian parliament, and similar laws have already been enacted in the Central Asian state of Uzbekistan.

During a newsconference with the the President of Ukraine, Viktor Iushchenko (installed a year ago by his American overlords in a judicial coup d'etat; The Florida Syndrome anyone?), Rice stated that she, "hope[d] that the importance of non-governmental organizations would be understood by Russia."

Well, Aunt Jemima-Rice; Russia does understand the importance of NGOs. Putin understands perfectly well that NGOs have served as the primary method by which American capital flows directly into the coffers of so-called democratic opposition groups in the Former Soviet Union. The same oppositions groups which happened to overthrow governments in Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and which failed miserably to do so in Andijon, Uzbekistan only a few months ago. Russia's and Uzbekistan's new legislation amounts to nothing more than a strategic move, aimed at preventing more of the same. And what is, 'the same'? How have these newly 'democratic' governments in the regions fared?

The answer brings the level of hypocrisy in Aunt Jemima-Rice's critique of Putin as anti-democratic (which he is, no doubt) to levels reaching beyond simply laughable. While Putin may be a thug, we need to remember that the new 'democrats' in the regions have exhitibited political tendencies worthy of their region's Stalinist heritage (e.g. Iushchenko's sacking of his entire cabinet, the assassination of major political figures in Georgia, and the marginalization of those oppositions figures lucky enough to still be in full posession of the luxury of a pulse). Iushchenko and Sakhashvili may be criminals, killers and thugs, but they're OUR criminals, killers and thugs. The gall which Putin and Karimov have in preventing the American military-political machine from placing their thugs in power, in place of independent thugs!!! Truly and surely, they must hate freedom!

Well, Aunt Jemima-Rice - this newly proposed law is Putin giving you the finger. And this is me, wishing you a healthy dose of Savage Justice.

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